A New Season of Purpose

I dusted off my Divine Hours this morning and was struck by a thought from the Concluding Prayers:

and in all I do direct me to the fulfilling of your purpose

This may be obvious, but I have lately noted that God’s purpose is seasonal. True, there are overarching themes, a persistent direction in which God wants his people to head. But the details, the specific tasks and actions are seasonal. They are timed to a person’s individual circumstances and setting.

Over the past two years I have often felt like I wasn’t doing enough when church gathered. I often came empty-handed, bereft of ideas for my brothers and sisters. I had nothing to offer for their edification and encouragement, and I often felt guilt because of that.

It seems that I am finally ready to hear the wise words others, in particular Tom Fisher, shared with me: Relax. There are seasons of giving and seasons of receiving, and for the moment you might be in a season of receiving.

Thanks, friends.


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