Vacation 2011 – Day 4

Our second full day in Florida got us out of the house and down to Panama City Beach to play tourist for the day. The goal was simple: Give the kids their first salt water swim and come away with neither sunburns nor jellyfish stings. Mission accomplished.


My mom and step-dad treated us to a day at Gulf World. All of us loved it, though the kids are still adjusting to the fact that summertime in Florida means heat. I heard a few complaints.


We saw most of the shows – birds, dolphins, scuba, etc. – but the highlight for me had to be Otto, the sea lion. Poor guy had a bit of an identity crisis on stage. By the end of it, though, I think we had him convinced he wasn’t actually a dolphin.

Tomorrow night we are headed back for a magic show featuring a local magician whose star seems to be rising fast, Noah Wells if memory is correct. My mom has been poking forward to the show for months; I’m just hoping I don’t get asked to volunteer.


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