Fitting into Christ

I stumbled upon Rachel Held Evans’ blog a couple months back. Not sure where from, but nonetheless. She recently posted a mini-series on being her quest for a spiritual home. I would recommend both posts to you. (Part I and Part II)

Her words resonate with me. From her inner-monologue, to her paradoxical connection-to-yet-distance-from so many Christian traditions. I even relate to the sense of wandering after a failed church plant.

These words, given to her by a Friend she met in Knoxville, struck home in a particular way:

“I feel at home because my home is inside of me. I’ve made a place in my heart for the Spirit, and it never leaves.”

I long to feel at home.

In a similar vein, this week I listened to a message Frank Viola delivered at the 2011 Momentum Conference entitled Epic Jesus: The Christ You Never Knew. In the message Frank drives home the mystery of Christ in us. This, Frank argues – with great passion and conviction, I must add – is the point. The love and life of God, made manifest first in Christ and now expanded across creation through the church, is God’s eternal purpose. It is the one thing God had in mind from before the very beginning.

I am starting to grasp this at an intellectual level, but I don’t yet believe it has really penetrated my spirit. Until it does, I think my sense of misfitting will continue. To be captured by God’s purpose is to be home.


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