Where have you gone, Joe?

Been quiet here lately. It’s just been that kind of summer. Yesterday saw Kerri and I say farewell to Marriage Actually, the last b5media blog on which either of us were writing. It’s been a fun time. Hard to believe it’s been nearly 2-1/2 years since I first sold them on the idea of a blog about Baldness.

Let’s see… as a sensitive, post-modern kind of guy, it seems I should be appropriately retrospective in this moment. So, what did I learn?

  • Getting paid to write is fun.
  • There is a difference between being into something and being able to write regularly about it.
  • Virtual business relationships are here to stay, but there is still something missing from face-to-face and even voice interaction.
  • I met a number of cool and interesting folks.

There. That seems appropriate.

I wish b5media and its bloggers all the success in the world. Perhaps the future will bring me back their way again sometime.

Meanwhile, I wonder how else I can get paid to write…

To Whom It May Concern

So, I’ve been mulling some things over the last couple weeks. Lots of things really, but with regard to this little blog I’ve been asking the question, “To and for whom am I writing?” Let me back up a step…

I’ve sat down to post here a few times only to wind up with nothing. I kept arriving at the conclusion that I’ve got nothing blog-able, nothing that is compelling for you, my reader. And so I’ve written nothing. I’ve skulked back to the b5media Arcade, and whiled away my time. At least I left up a nice photo of Samantha here.

Over at b5media audience is a big issue… Not so much for me.

Over at b5media audience is a big issue, and in general it should be. Readers equal revenue. Some of the bloggers there meet day-to-day expenses off that income, so understanding the identity of their readership and growing the quantity of their readers is a valuable pursuit.

Not so much for me. I’ve got the luxury of looking at my b5media blogs with hobbyist eyes. My day job, which I love, pays the bills; so I can write for b5media pressure-free. I do it because it’s fun and it adds value to my life. The part about adding to the bottom line of my checkbook is nice, but it’s really not a motivating factor. So, when shop talk comes up among my fellow hive-workers, (Look at the bee’s ass in the b5media logo, and all future apiological references should be clear.) I am able to approach it with a fair degree of aloofness. I contribute my two-cents, but when it comes to implementation, I generally take a pass. I’m quite content with the place pro-blogging has in my life.

Nonetheless, shop talk has managed to creep into my mindset here, so when I sit down to type, I leave having written nothing. Being the introspective person I am, I explored this phenomenon and arrived where this increasingly lengthy post began, “To and for whom am I writing?

I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing it for me.

Seems it’s time for me to visit my own archives. Reading through that list and mulling things over in my head I have come to a conclusion: Dear reader, I’m not blogging for you. Don’t be offended. I hope you won’t leave… though I suppose it doesn’t necessarily matter. But truth be told, I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing it for me. I’m doing this to think aloud, to archive ideas, to ramble and ramble and ramble. The fact that some of you read and help me refine those thoughts, augment those ideas, and encourage my endless rambling is nice… but not essential.

So, while I suppose this is a sort of alienating post, it’s been good for me. I have reminded myself why I do this, and with that reminder I am able and ready to continue renewed. That’s all I have to say about that.

Goodbye, Typepad

Well, the time for my annual Typepad renewal has come, so I’m about to cancel the account and explode the old blog to bits. Not that there was anything wrong with Typepad, for those of you considering it. I explained the move here.

Without further ado… Buh bye, Typepad.

PS – Hmm, I’ve misspelled “Typepad” everytime, writing “Typebad” instead. Is that a Freudian comment on Typepad or my typing skills?

Thanksgiving 2006: For b5media

OK, so last year about this time a new blog network launches, and I pitch this idea for a blog about baldness. They’re inundated, and I’m swamped; so nothing happens for a few months. Then in February, they’re looking for video game blogs, and I pitch a really, REALLY bad idea. (I can only hope that Ingrid doesn’t remember it.) I also take the opportunity to re-pitch my baldness idea. The video game blog is quickly forgotten. The baldness idea is a reality.

In May my wife, whom I had just gotten started with her own blog, starts chatting with my Channel Editor. She then invites her to start writing with her on a blog about kid’s stuff. That Channel Editor’s a sharp one, so when she realizes we’re married (to each other) AND we’re both already working for b5, she starts twisting our arms about a marriage blog. We’re only too happy to oblige. (No link yet, but it’s in the works.)

So in the last year someone has started to pay both Kerri and me to write. Thanks, b5media.

Top Lists from Problogger’s List Meme

Darren has compiled the complete list. All 300+ of them. I’ll freely admit, I didn’t read them all, but here are some that caught my eye.

I even added a couple new feeds to Bloglines….

Top 5 Lists of All Time

Here we go…

5. “The Top Ten Things That Almost Rhyme With Peas”
This was David Letterman’s very first Top Ten list from 1985. Without it, we probably wouldn’t be doing nearly as many Top Ten list posts.

4. Chief weaponry of the Spanish Inquisition
Because it’s my list, and I think Python is damn funny. Disagree? Then it’s the comfy chair for you!

3. Declaration of Independence
“The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations…. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.” It’s a great list.

2. Bill of Rights
The Declaration was good, but in a destructive kind of way. The Bill of Rights is better, because it creates.

1. The Ten Commandments
Is there another list that still makes the news 4,000 years after being written?