(Red)emption Results

(Red)emptionMike and his partner Robert have wrapped up their (Red)emption campaign: $7000+ dollars from more 567 donors in 10 countries Not bad for a two-month grass-roots campaign. I was certainly happy to give my $10… Canadian. It’s funny when you just ignore the excuses in your head and just do something. I felt a bit that way with the food drive we did in our neighborhood. “Stop thinking about it and just do it.”

Here’s to more kindness and justice in 2007.

The Real Mary Sunday School Class 3

Mary & Jesus 3OK, so I promised I’d answer the question, How do we pray and live out this story of physical liberation when we are not physically oppressed? This is something that’s been on my mind lately. During the Class, we wrestled with this. A few days earlier our home group/church (I’ll start talking about this soon… once I get back into a rhythm here.) went through a few passages of Scripture where the cry for liberation was also expressed, and we, too, struggled to identify with the cry. After all, we are by any sensible standard wealthy and free living in the USA. We suffer no great oppression; truth be told, we don’t suffer much of anything. So, how do we appropriate (Pardon the verb.) these passages and work them into our faith and Jesus-following? Continue reading

World AIDS Day & (Red)emption

Support World AIDS DayToday is World AIDS Day, so I’m reminding you that Mike is still running the (Red)emption campaign. If you haven’t already, go give your $10. If you have, thanks; now go find someone who hasn’t and tell them to give $10.

I’ve challenged my fellow b5media bloggers to pony up. In fact, I’ll put b5media in the tags, so if any of you blogging media types or members of other networks wander over here through Technorati or something, well, you should go give $10, too. And you should challenge your readers to do the same.

I’m not quite sure why I’m getting on board with this. I mean, I’ve got no personal connection to AIDS/HIV. To my knowledge, I don’t know anyone afflicted. The numbers are staggering – 40 million afflicted worldwide – but in many ways this is all something happening somewhere else, perhaps even on another planet.

It’s only $10… Canadian.

But it’s not happening on another planet. Those are 40 million men, women and children. 40 million mothers and fathers; husbands and wives; sons and daughters. 40 million people.

Here’s what I like about the (Red)emption campaign: It’s only $10… Canadian. This isn’t some fantastic request. It’s $10… Canadian. 99.5% of the people who might possibly read this can afford $10… Canadian. If you’ve got access to a computer, $10… Canadian, isn’t beyond your means.

So, go on, then. Give.

Light the Night with a Bald Man

Light the Night with a Bald ManHey folks. Each year I participate in the Light the Night Walk to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Well, the walk is coming up at the end of the week, and I thought I’d try my hand at a little last minute on line fund raising.

Full details can be found over at Baldiness.com, one of my b5media blogs. Or, you can jump straight to my online donation page.

I’m offering to match $1 for every donor who contributes at least $5, up to $100 total out of my pocket. Here’s hoping you can tap me out before the week ends.

[UPDATE] For those of you who would like to participate, but don’t want to use you’re credit card, you can send me a donation via Paypal. My Paypal email is coryaldrich [at] gmail [dot] com. Be sure to put a note that this is for “Light the Night.”