2009 Resolutions

January is the time for fresh starts, new goals, and all that. I’ve got a couple that I’m not yet ready to talk about, but let’s see what I dare put to paper… so to speak.


  • More bedtime stories and snuggles.
  • A regular date night with Kerri


  • Regular observation of the Hours
  • More frequent intentional substance at church meetings.


  • Create something at least monthly
  • Finish one book a month


  • Get the attic in order
  • Get the deck in
  • Bunk beds for the boys
  • Paint our bedroom

Let’s stew on this for a bit and see where it leads us.

A Gospel of Omission

Before I got any further in The Divine Conspiracy I wanted to record this quote:

Jesus offers himself as God’s doorway into the life that is truly life. Confidence in him leads us today, as in other times, to become his apprentices in eternal living. “Those who come through me will be safe,” he said. “They will go in and out and find all they need. I have come into their world that they may have life, and life to the limit.”

But intelligent, effectual entry into this life is currently obstructed by clouds of well-intentioned misinformation. The “gospels” that predominate where he is most frequently invoked speak only of preparing to die or else of correcting social practices and conditions. These are both, obviously, matters of great importance. Who would deny it? But neither one touches the quick of individual existence or taps the depths of the reality of Christ. Our usual “gospels” are, in their effects – dare we say it – nothing less than a standing invitation to omit God from the course of our daily existence.

The Real Mary Sunday School Class 2

Mary & Jesus 2Well… looks like the networks are rearranging things once again, so I’m back. In the hour class I came out of chapters 2 & 3 of The Real Mary. Since this was my first time teaching at BCC, I was planning a one-off event at the end of which I’d float the idea of a 4-6 week class on the rest of the book. (I’ve got enough interest to look into it.) So, in keeping with the Christmas season, I kept to the pre-Nativity Story in Luke 1. Continue reading

21 Grams

21grams.jpgSaw 21 Grams last night after putting the kids to bed. I quite enjoyed the movie. From an artistic standpoint, I thought it was very well done. Superb performances from Penn, Watts, and del Toro. I enjoyed the non-linear progression; it’s a freedom the genre easily allows unlike, say, in live theater. When combined with the acting and the hand-held camera work, the feelings of confusion, struggle, and searching are conveyed powerfully.

The theme of grace and divine sovereignty is powerfully addressed. The language and nudity is unfortunately a bit much to be used in most church settings, otherwise this film could easily be a springboard to conversation. Del Toro’s character sets up the film’s exploration early on, admonishing a teen, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. He knows when even a single hair on your head moves.” With this in mind, the narrative unfolds, and we watch as the characters struggle to understand. Why does one live while another die? Does merit – getting what we deserve – have anything at all to do with it?

I won’t say more. Instead, I’ll give it my recommendation.