Post-Fathers Day Musings

Monday evening after Fathers Day, and here’s what’s on my mind:

  • Boil ‘em, Mash ‘em, Stick ‘em in a stew
  • I love having the guitars out and available. It’s so nice to just pick one up and play for a few minutes… even if my timing isn’t always great.
  • The boys were sick over the weekend. It was about time they picked one of my holiday weekends; normally Kerri gets to celebrate with illness.
  • Did you see the Turkey – Czech match! WOW!!! Amazing! One more example of why I love soccer.
  • I cannot wait until work slows down a little. (It will eventually slow down a little, right?)
  • An extra big breakfast… even a relatively early one… is unwise before a soccer game. My omelette sat like a lump during my entire game on Sunday… which we still managed to win. W00t!
  • Wednesday’s role playing session looks like it might be a packed house: The regular crew will be there plus potentially two more, Don Juan and Tomas! I’m very excited. Who’s gonna help me with the monsters?
  • Speaking of Tomas, I get to see him for three or perhaps four days in a row while he’s on furlough. I hope his ladies are having a grand time, and I’m glad he’s coming to the little-D for a few.
  • Have you ever played Save Dr. Lucky from Cheap Ass Games? Good stuff. I can’t wait to Kill Dr. Lucky.
  • I’m no longer a night owl, so I must now be off to bed.

Rantz & The Bible

For crying out loud, I’m bad. My turn around is under a year, but only just. Rantz, thanks for your patience. I can’t believe I’ve taken so long.

Now, for those of you who weren’t even born when I began this series, it all started with a comment Rantz left on my Contact page. He was counseling a student, and left three broad questions. This is the third, and it goes a little something like this.

Also, since the books of the New Testament were written by the Apostles, or attributed to them, does that mean that they wrote them, or did God? I realize that is a fine line of distinction, but one I feel needs to be drawn.

OK, I’ll attempt a direct answer, and then move on to a few notions that touch on the topic and will perhaps inspire conversation. Continue reading

A Date… at Last!

For the first time since I’m not sure when Kerri and I had a date. No kids. Just us. It’s been since before Christmas at least.

Funny, but this one afternoon – lunch, a browse thru Old Navy, and a mocha at Barnes & Noble – has done wonders for my demeanor. I should write this down: Minimum one date every six months…. Wait! Make that every five months, cause these last few weeks have been a bitch.

Lot’s of people to thank: Joey and Kelli, who herded the cats while we were away. My boss, Steve, whose generosity – a birthday gift card – secured our lunch and Red Lobster. The Academy.

I also want to thank a couple of retired couples I’m honored to know. (We ran into one of them today.) Their kids are grown, and they are living life to the fullest. They are traveling and pursuing their passions. Most importantly by all evidence they are still deeply in love with one another. Seeing them makes me look forward to the rest of my life with Kerri.

I think you know who you are. With deep appreciation: Thank you.