KnowYour401(k).com Soft Launch

OK, here’s the other blog I’ve been working on for a while:

I’m not completely satisfied with the design, but it’s good enough to get out in the open. I’ll be gathering some expert help to finish it up before I really tackle building the traffic. Getting it out in the open will also help me stay accountable to posting regularly. (As a secret it’s too easy for me to bump it off the priority list.)

I hope you’ll find it useful. Feel free to pass the link on to whomever, and please I’d appreciate your feedback and participation.

Welcome to!

I did it. I took the plunge and bought my own domain. Go Daddy! If you’re hear, then you were probably one of my regular readers from my old TypePad site, Welcome, and thanks for coming along. If you’re a new reader, I’d love to hear how you found me. I hope you’ll leave a comment.

I explained my reasons for moving in my farewell post, but I’ll recap here. WordPress was the key; my own domain is a fun perk. What’s behind my desire to use WordPress:

  1. b5media is powered by WordPress, and I’d like to be work with a single application.
  2. My wife is starting a blog, and I’d like to know WordPress well enough to be her first line of support.
  3. Thru b5media connections, I’ve snagged a super deal on hosting. So, the three domains I have registered are actually going to wind up costing me less than this one TypePad site. (If you’re counting along, you’ve noticed an extra site there. I have another blog in the works.)

That’s about it really. I’ve been able to import all of my old TypePad and Blogger content, so the last three years haven’t suddenly gone up in smoke.

Finally, I’ll make a comment about the design. Right now, you’re looking at the generic WP template. I haven’t messed with a thing. I thought about waiting until I got something snazzy up, either from a pre-packaged free template or by asking one of my b5 cronies, but I decided against it. I decided this was my sandbox, so I’ll take the time to play and learn. (Dovetails nicely with Reason #2 above.) So, fair warning: The template and everything else are subject to change at any time. I’m not a designer by trade, so if anything looks wonky to you, please let me know.


ESPNsoccernet – England – Liverpool v West Ham Report

Reds Joy! -

You’ll never walk alone!

Jose Reina was Liverpool’s penalty hero as the Reds won the most thrilling FA Cup final of recent times 3-1 on penalties after the it finished 3-3 after extra time against a brave West Ham side.

There were scenes reminiscent of Istanbul as Rafael Benitez’s side showed remarkable powers of recovery against Alan Pardew’s fearless side, who this time last year were getting ready for the Championship play-offs as Liverpool prepared for the European Cup final against AC Milan. (link)

One Year Bible: March 21

(One Year Bible Blog post & readings)

I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t until today that I got route taken. I’m nto talking about some hidden spiritual meaning in the route; just the physical journey itself. How they travelled the coast of the pinnensula and ultimately approached the Promise Land from the west. Never put it together until today.

Something interesting in today’s Gospel reading as well. I had always assumed that Peter’s calling was out of the blue: One day this guy walks up and says, "Follow me." So, I follow him. Well, if the events of Luke 4 and 5 are in chronological order, and there is reason to think they are then Peter’s calling comes on the coat tails of the miracles in Capernaum, miracles that include the recovery of his mother-in-law. The call to follow Jesus, it seems, follows an experience of Jesus.

++ Lord, grant us an experience of You ++

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One Year Bible: March 20

(One Year Bible Blog post & readings)

Another hard story of vengance and brutality from Torah. If these are just parables, it is easier (though still not easy) to accept the symbolism of death and the need to deal ruthlessly with those things that would lead you astray. But if it is history, and if these were real people slain in ages past, then this remains complex and difficult. The symbolism is obscured by the violence.

++ Lord, have mercy ++

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One Year Bible: March 18

(One Year Bible Blog post & readings)

Today I’m struck by the tone of judgment in John the Baptist’s message, particularly because Luke characterizes this message as “good news.” The harsh tone directed toward some could scarcely be characterized as “good news” by those to whom these comments were directed… unless these is an out, a way to change the threatened outcome.

And there is: Give to those in need. Do not abuse power if you have it. “Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.”

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One Year Bible: March 17

(One Year Bible Blog post & readings)

I don’t normally comment on Proverbs, but today’s reading ought to have a profound impact on the way many handle their wealth, particularly parents:

He who puts up security for another will surely suffer, but whoever refuses to strike hands in pledge is safe.

It begs a question on the other side of the coin: How much help are parents really giving their young adult children when they cosign loans and otherwise permit them to live beyond their means? I’ve mentioned the value of proper perspective before, and I think the answer to my question lies there.

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One Year Bible: March 16

(One Year Bible Blog post & readings)

So I realized late last night that I’d not done the readings (or posted) for a few days. Totally slipped my mind. Funny how that can happen. Anyway…

Passages like today’s Torah, in which God seems to approve of Zimri and Cozbi’s murder, are tough for me. God seems unkind and spiteful, as if God were reacting out of rage like a petulant child. It’s tough to fit these stories in with the great New Testament statement of God’s identity: “God is love.”

Some recent reading (I promise I’ll get around to blogging it soon; I’m on the last book in the series.) has given me a bit of a hook on which to hang this sort of story. The hook is this: The sacrifice of God the Son has been completed mysteriously in eternity past, and this sacrifice is prefigured in creation – particularly in the life and story of Israel – prior to its culmination at the Cross. Remembering this provides a framework within which to understand today’s story.

Today’s story is an anticipation of the Cross. It is a story of sacrifice in pursuit of God’s glory, which is the expansion of Divine Community. In this context, I am better able to digest a tough passage.

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