Tis a Lazy Sunday

Been forever since I posted. Of course, it’s also been forever since Kerri and I had the chance for a lazy Sunday. She’s snoozing on the couch, and I’m working on some philosophy homework. (Paolo Freire anyone?) Thanks to grandma for taking the kids last night.

2009 Resolutions

January is the time for fresh starts, new goals, and all that. I’ve got a couple that I’m not yet ready to talk about, but let’s see what I dare put to paper… so to speak.


  • More bedtime stories and snuggles.
  • A regular date night with Kerri


  • Regular observation of the Hours
  • More frequent intentional substance at church meetings.


  • Create something at least monthly
  • Finish one book a month


  • Get the attic in order
  • Get the deck in
  • Bunk beds for the boys
  • Paint our bedroom

Let’s stew on this for a bit and see where it leads us.

An Ominous Start

We spent New Year’s Eve at Joey’s, since there is no sense driving after the ball drops if one can help it. So Monday night was our first night of 2007 in our own beds… until the furnace went on the blink. A midnight run to the nearest 24-hour mega-center and some fiddling managed to get things working again, but not until after we’d alerted Joey that we’re on our way. We called back to cancel, and ever attentive to others, she’d already begun rearranging things for our return.

I suppose the furnace felt badly, because last night it acted out again; and this time no amount of cajoling would change it’s mind. So, we bundled the kids back to grandma’s.

This was my prayer as I drove back to the house this morning to meet the technician:

++ Lord, I’m trying to establish a better, healthier routine here; and this is not part of the equation! ++

PS – We’ve got an aging flame sensor. $100 for the service call to clean it, and we’ll probably need to replace it in the next couple years.