Party With a Purpose

Here there, to the four or five of you who still read this thing even though I’ve been too distracted to write regularly. Wanted to let those of you in the general Dayton vicinity know that in September, we’ll be hosting our World Vision BBQ again. Check out Kerri’s blog for more info. RSVPs welcome but not necessary. Hope to see you then if not sooner.

Happy Anniversary, Kerri

Ten years ago we were kids. I had more hair… but not much; and you had fewer grays… but not many.

Ten years on we are no longer kids ourselves, but rather parents of our own kids.

Ten years ago we were two very different people, different both from each other and from who we are now, making a commitment to grow together.

Ten years on we are still different… and we are still choosing to grow together.

Ten years ago we had a future full of possibilities open to us.

Ten years on we have fewer possibilities, but we have instead grown into our choices and our future looks richer than ever.

Happy Anniversary, Beloved

Heart & Soul

Always & Forever

Thanksgiving 2006: For Unexpected Time

Early this afternoon we headed over to my in-laws for what we thought was an early Thanksgiving dinner. Miscommunication somewhere: dinner wouldn’t be until early evening. So, Kerri and I stole away for a hour and strolled through the neighborhood on a crisp, sunny fall day. I grew up in that neighborhood – our route took us through a green area behind my old house – so there are memories all over. More important today, was the opportunity to spend time in the present with the one I love while dreaming about our future.

Thanksgiving 2006: For Kerri

Will started it, and it looks like Bob it picking up on the theme, too. I’m happy to be on this bandwagon…

I’m thankful for Kerri. It might be a bit cliché to start with one’s wife, but I’m doing it. Will and Bob did the same. Sue us. We’ve got great wives. (Perhaps you should thank them, because I’m willing to bet none of us would be half the man we are if it weren’t for them.)

Kerri and I have been married nearly a decade; we were “steady” for another five or so years before that. She’s my best friend, by confidant, my audience, my lover (shhh! don’t tell our parents), and my strength on so many feeble days. Together we’ve graduated (a couple times each), welcomed children, bid farewell to a loved one, bought a home, traveled, laughed, fought (a little), cried (ok, I came really close…), risked, dreamed, failed, wondered and silently held one another.

In some ways I’m your typical male, oblivious to many of the subtleties that go into relationships. With Kerri, however, the briefest touch lingers. A glance lasts for days.

So, I begin my list here… with Kerri.

There but for the grace of you go I

A Date… at Last!

For the first time since I’m not sure when Kerri and I had a date. No kids. Just us. It’s been since before Christmas at least.

Funny, but this one afternoon – lunch, a browse thru Old Navy, and a mocha at Barnes & Noble – has done wonders for my demeanor. I should write this down: Minimum one date every six months…. Wait! Make that every five months, cause these last few weeks have been a bitch.

Lot’s of people to thank: Joey and Kelli, who herded the cats while we were away. My boss, Steve, whose generosity – a birthday gift card – secured our lunch and Red Lobster. The Academy.

I also want to thank a couple of retired couples I’m honored to know. (We ran into one of them today.) Their kids are grown, and they are living life to the fullest. They are traveling and pursuing their passions. Most importantly by all evidence they are still deeply in love with one another. Seeing them makes me look forward to the rest of my life with Kerri.

I think you know who you are. With deep appreciation: Thank you.