EURO 2008 Team of the Tourney – Turkey

I know they’re out, but wow! You can’t ask for more drama and entertainment. Three come-from-behind wins, only to be undone in the semifinals by a come-from-behind Germany. And that against was is practically the second choise side considering all of their injuries and suspensions!

Runner-up: Spain, and not just because they sent Italy packing, but that’s a major bonus.

Post-Fathers Day Musings

Monday evening after Fathers Day, and here’s what’s on my mind:

  • Boil ‘em, Mash ‘em, Stick ‘em in a stew
  • I love having the guitars out and available. It’s so nice to just pick one up and play for a few minutes… even if my timing isn’t always great.
  • The boys were sick over the weekend. It was about time they picked one of my holiday weekends; normally Kerri gets to celebrate with illness.
  • Did you see the Turkey – Czech match! WOW!!! Amazing! One more example of why I love soccer.
  • I cannot wait until work slows down a little. (It will eventually slow down a little, right?)
  • An extra big breakfast… even a relatively early one… is unwise before a soccer game. My omelette sat like a lump during my entire game on Sunday… which we still managed to win. W00t!
  • Wednesday’s role playing session looks like it might be a packed house: The regular crew will be there plus potentially two more, Don Juan and Tomas! I’m very excited. Who’s gonna help me with the monsters?
  • Speaking of Tomas, I get to see him for three or perhaps four days in a row while he’s on furlough. I hope his ladies are having a grand time, and I’m glad he’s coming to the little-D for a few.
  • Have you ever played Save Dr. Lucky from Cheap Ass Games? Good stuff. I can’t wait to Kill Dr. Lucky.
  • I’m no longer a night owl, so I must now be off to bed.

It’s MLS Time!

[UPDATE2] Apparently the widget is working. Might have had something to do with the “Latest News” category and the fact that those posts are highlighted at the top vs. in the body. Don’t know, and as long as things keep working don’t care.

[UPDATE] So the widget seems to have broken by theme. I’ll see if I can’t work it out an put it back in later this weekend.

[ORIGINAL POST] MLS has begun, so I’ve added a widget to the sidebar. All part of my master plan to impose my will upon you all.

/me laughs evilly.

In all serious, the visiting Toronto fans deserve full kudos for their showing on Saturday. Here’s hoping the home fans in Crew Stadium pick up that gauntlet. The Northenders… or whatever their called now that that hideous stage has been erected… do well, but it’s time other fans around the grounds joined in. I’ll be doing my part in Section 206!
Columbus Til I Die!

Bald Man Pontificating

Suicide Fan.comCause I know you’ve all been dying to know what I sound like, I’m going to point you here: Suicide Fan #8. Aaron Brazell, the Tech Ninja for b5media, runs the daily podcast, and little ol’ me is on this week’s edition spouting off about David Beckham and his new MLS contract. So, pop on over and have a listen.

Top Lists from Problogger’s List Meme

Darren has compiled the complete list. All 300+ of them. I’ll freely admit, I didn’t read them all, but here are some that caught my eye.

I even added a couple new feeds to Bloglines….