Vacation 2011 – Day 7

Today was the most hectic and sundry day of our holiday. We started in Seneca, and after a complimentary continental breakfast at the motel we dropped in on a long-time family friend, Jane Foster. It was a wonderful treat to see her.


Our next stops were drive-bys of our old places in Clemson. First we visited the house on Oak Street…


…and then we drove past the house on what is now called Tant. We also went past the YMCA and my old elementary school.


An hour’s drive later we were having lunch with my brother outside Greenville. I think tackling him may be the single event toward which the boys were most looking forward.


Our last stop of the day is the Fisher home in Charlotte. We’ll be here until Monday, and if Tom has his way we’ll spend every spare moment playing board games. This is a new one I bought jus for this occasion, Catan: Settlers of America. There is a good chance that my students will see this at some pint I. The near future.

Vacation 2011 – Day 6

Not a lot to day about this day of the vacation. We packed up and hit the road early toward our next destination, Seneca, South Carolina. I had a webinar to participate in this evening, so Kerri picked up some carrying to eat in the hotel room. Tomorrow, I’ll show off a couple more of my childhood homes, we’ll have brunch with my brother, Jeremy, and then we’ll ouch on to Charlotte for a couple days with the Fishers.