Borked No More!

Right, then. I think I have figured out how to have my cake and eat it two. I think there are probably some minor style issues that I’m not going to worry about, but at least my MLS table hasn’t completely screwed things up…

I think. Let me know if it’s still broke on your end.

Photon Torpedos Armed!

OK, I haven’t worked out the MLS Table widget yet, but I did try out Photon, a plugin for iPhoto that makes posting to WordPress a cinch! I think this may be one of those must have plug-ins for Mac bloggers. I did the two previous posts in about 60 seconds each: Find the photo, enter comments, export the photo. That’s it!

Download Photon here. Installation instructions are here. Additional information on settings within iPhoto are here.

I Heart My New Plugin

When I discovered that I was going to have to upgrade WordPress, I thought I’d have a look around for new themes and plugins. The new theme I’m still working on, but I’ve already landed on a new plug-in that is proving to be dynamite!

Meet the “Now Reading” plugin. It powers the reading list you see in the sidebar, as well my library. I’ve only just begun using it, and I can already tell I’m gonna love it.

Goodbye, Typepad

Well, the time for my annual Typepad renewal has come, so I’m about to cancel the account and explode the old blog to bits. Not that there was anything wrong with Typepad, for those of you considering it. I explained the move here.

Without further ado… Buh bye, Typepad.

PS – Hmm, I’ve misspelled “Typepad” everytime, writing “Typebad” instead. Is that a Freudian comment on Typepad or my typing skills?

Thanksgiving 2006: For Cutline

Let’s keep this Thanksgiving stuff rolling with some quicker posts…

I’m thankful for Cutline. Not only does it look a helluva lot nicer than the crap I got half-way through cobbling together, but it’s got lots of friendly features like the blockquote and image classes, the subtitle formatting, the random header image.

I’ve never met you, but thanks, Chris.