Lenten Update

So, we’re just about half way through Lent, and I thought I’d provide an update. Kerri and I are still on the vegetarian diet, though it’s been a lot harder for her than me. She’s been craving meat, but I’ve haven’t missed that much. Can’t say as though I’m feeling compelled to stick with it being a vegetarian for the long term, but I can say that my perspective is changing. Meat is no longer mandatory. A good burger will still make my mouth water, but there are some pretty tasty veggie dishes that I wouldn’t even have considered previously. Diversity is an important part of a healthy diet, and this experiment will move me down that path.

As far as setting aside some devotional time individually, as a family or as a community… well, the best laid plans and that. I had my “Duh!” moment the other day. My work generally follows a tax calendar, so the winter months are among our busiest. Our busy season also happens to coincide with Lent, so my enthusiasm at the outset is often dampened by the reality of extra hours and approaching deadlines. While I love my job, I don’t like the fact that work dictates my life-rhythms as much as it does. Since retirement is still 60 or 65 years away based on my current projections, this is something I’ll have to keep working at.

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Right, then…

Been missing this here blog. Have lots of ideas jotted and posts half-written. I guess I’m just a bit out of the swing of things. Let’s start with a bit of warm up.

How about a quick list of random things? Sounds simple enough…


  • Over dinner the other day my mother revealed that I’ve pretty much always been a person in need of routine and structure. Seems I am truly my father’s son in this regard. Not sure why this is such a revelation to me. Guess it has to do with learning something about myself through the eyes of another.
  • Reaped the first harvest of tomatoes over the weekend. Just a dozen or so cherries so far, but there are tons on the vine. The first cucumber surprised us, too. I hope the pumpkin produces…
  • Never having been one to put my head down and keep my mouth shut, I’ve been swamped at work. Seems I managed to get myself on the busy end of a company-wide reorganization. It’s been exciting, and I can’t wait to get a little closer to the finish line on this one.
  • Speaking of work, I passed an exam toward a professional accreditation last month. The second exam is late fall. Man… it’s been a while since I took a test. This one was an computer administered multiple choice. The content didn’t give me any particular difficulties, but my test-taking skills were both rusty and up until then untested on a computer. I hadn’t anticipated the impact of that change ahead of time.
  • Tavis just began, which means I’m late for bed. Patience demands sleep…. G’nite!


I gots me a new job

Blogging our way to financial freedom.

Just a quick personal update. I have a new job. No, didn’t get rid of the old one; I’m still in the pension administration business. I just picked up a new role at b5media. I’m the new Channel Editor for the Video Games channel. Cool, huh? Now that I got a second hand PS2, (Thanks, Josh!) I meet minimum qualifications. :D

This extra cash is coming in real handy… We’re this close to being out of debt. Speaking of extra cash, if you think you’d like to be a pro-blogger, check out the Job Boards over at Problogger.net. There are a number of openings listed, including a couple in my new neighborhood.

Thanksgiving 2006: For b5media

OK, so last year about this time a new blog network launches, and I pitch this idea for a blog about baldness. They’re inundated, and I’m swamped; so nothing happens for a few months. Then in February, they’re looking for video game blogs, and I pitch a really, REALLY bad idea. (I can only hope that Ingrid doesn’t remember it.) I also take the opportunity to re-pitch my baldness idea. The video game blog is quickly forgotten. The baldness idea is a reality.

In May my wife, whom I had just gotten started with her own blog, starts chatting with my Channel Editor. She then invites her to start writing with her on a blog about kid’s stuff. That Channel Editor’s a sharp one, so when she realizes we’re married (to each other) AND we’re both already working for b5, she starts twisting our arms about a marriage blog. We’re only too happy to oblige. (No link yet, but it’s in the works.)

So in the last year someone has started to pay both Kerri and me to write. Thanks, b5media.

Thanksgiving 2006: My Employer

General Pension
A great place to work!

I work 10 minutes from home, close enough to come home for lunch, doctor’s appointments and anything else that might come up. We are treated like adults and given a great deal of freedom to do our work well. The interpersonal relationships are more akin to friends or even family than employee/employer.

In the past we have had a summer schedule with alternating Friday’s off, and we have closed for the week between Christmas and New Year. (Just my personal opinion, but this practice should be federal law.) Today we got out early.

I am thankful for my employer.

Sundry & Miscellaneous

sundry & misc.

  • checked ikon’s website (sorry, no link yet). their greenbelt installation seems to have been very effective/inspiring. their log of past events is useful for stirring the creative juices.
  • had trouble thinking much about ministry, or really anything apart from rob. since my last update, he’s come home, had a few good days and a couple bad, and gone back into the icu (this monday). today they took him off the ventilator and he is breathing on his own. the reality that this is the end-game is hitting everyone. an mri taken last week reveals cancer cells infiltrating the other side of the brain. it’s only a matter of time before they find each other and begin growing. joey, my mother-in-law, doesn’t think he’ll be around to meet his third grandchild.

    in this all i’m learning the weakness of words, of answers. how do you offer comfort to a man who probably can’t hear you or understand you? how do you offer comfort to his family as they serve him knowing it cannot change the inevitable? words fail. i can only offer my presence.

  • had a long week at work. nuff said.