2010 World Cup: Diego Maradona will run naked through Buenos Aries if Argentina wins World Cup – ESPN Soccernet

Those of you still deciding who to root for in the Cup, consider someone other than Argentina. No one really wants to see this.

Diego Maradona has promised to run naked through the center of Buenos Aires if Argentina wins the World Cup.

The Argentina coach made the promise during a radio show. The unpredictable Maradona was speaking a day after Argentina defeated Canada 5-0 Monday in its final warm-up match before the World Cup.

via 2010 World Cup: Diego Maradona will run naked through Buenos Aries if Argentina wins World Cup – ESPN Soccernet.

World Cup Final Prediction

So, Italy played a masterful match to best Germany and make it to the final. I’ve not been their cheerleader, but that they have only given up the own goal to the US while scoring 11 goals threw 10 different players says a lot. The Azzurri have been fierce.

But, consider France. Rejuvenated after a lackluster opener. Led by Zinedine “Ponce de Leon” Zidane.

Who to pick… who to pick…

I’ll get off the fence and go with Zidane to ride out in glory. The man is magic in the spotlight, and he has earned a magical end.

World Cup Quarterfinal Predictions

While I’m not particularly impressed by the Cup this time around, (Same faces in the quarters; atrocious officiating and TV) I am compelled to offer my thoughts on the next round of matches. Because you’re dying to know…

Germany – Argentina
Match of the quarters. Germany have steadily improved while Argentina have been rolling since the beginning. Hard to pick against the hosts, and I’m not one to make tough choices. I say they go on… though I won’t be disappointed if I’m wrong.

Italy – Ukraine
I can only hope that Italy FINALLY go out. Has their been an uglier, dirtier, cheaper, team? Their continued involvement in almost enough to make be question the possibility for ultimate justice in the world. (OK, I exaggerate.)

That said, Ukraine haven’t shown me that they can get it done. The Bane in Blue progress.

England – Portugal
If Italy has been dirty, England has been dull. 90 minutes of mediocrity saved by one brilliant kick. Such is soccer. Problem is, Portugal are so depleted after taking out the Dutch, I don’t know if they have the manpower. And John Terry is getting so good at falling over….

This one I pick with my heart: Portugal advance.

Brazil – France
Brazil seem to be putting it together, and I certainly wish I was as fat and disinterested as Ronaldo. The new French faces are also stepping up, but I doubt they’ll have enough to overthrow the holders. The Samba continues.

Kerri just walked in from the grocery. Here are her quick picks: Germany, Ukraine, England, & Brazil.

Week In Review – Proper 6

OK, first things first. Before you go thinking I’m completely narcissistic, I realize most of you don’t care all that much about the mundane of my life. Don’t go looking for anything profound in these “Week In Review” posts. I’m just sorting through the last seven days.

Also, don’t expect any commentary on the Lectionary. If it happens, it will be a bonus. I’m just using the designation to mark off the calendar. Occasionally I get the itch to write something directly related to the readings, and when that happens they will have their own post.

So, what’s this week been like? In a word: Blue. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. The fact that Samantha and Jake have both had the chicken pox hasn’t helped. I should be on a World Cup high, but no. I’m blue.

Two minor personal epiphanies this week. First, I figured out why our cash flow goes to crap every Memorial Day but not every Groundhog Day. We’ve been no more able to keep to a budget, but we don’t have the windfalls, like tax returns, to hide our shortcomings. Doesn’t really provide a solution; just understanding.

Second, I am realizing more and more that I need order in both my space and my time. I’m not sure how to create that in the chaos of life… while still allowing for the chaos of creativity. But I’ve got to try.

So, that’s it for tonight. Here’s hoping my demeanor turns upward.

FootieFox on your Site

I won’t be able to add it here until late this evening at the earliest, but looks pretty cool: FootieFox Scoreboard

As an aside, while there have been some good games, this group stage is shaping up to be pretty dull overall. As many as 12 spots in the knockout rounds could be decided after the second round of games, leaving very little to play for the last time thru. Let’s hope for some “upsets” in the next couple days to keep things interesting to the end.

Tracking the World Cup

I’ve come across a couple web tools to track the the World Cup this summer.

World Cup Kickoff:

World Cup KickOff is all you will ever need for knowing all the match details for the upcoming World Cup 2006. Whether you use your mobile phone, MS Outlook, Apple iCal or Mozilla Calendar, you can download and keep all the fixtures you are interested in so you will never miss a single game! Just download the calendar file and install it on your favoured software following the instructions on the left.

You can even personalise the matches you want using the filters below. Either choose all teams, single groups or individual teams. You can also get the times for your local timezone.


Dieses Add-on für Mozilla Firefox bringt den Fußball in deinen Browser. Mit FootieFox bleibst du auf dem Laufenden, sowohl bei deiner Lieblingsliga als auch bei vielen internationalen Turnieren. Egal was du gerade machst am Computer, FootieFox informiert über aktuelle Spiele und über jegliche Spielstandsänderungen.

Mach dich bereit für die Weltmeisterschaft und lade FootieFox jetzt herunter!
(ht: Emerging Earth)

Hope that’s clear ;)

Buying Sex is Not a Sport [UPDATED]

[UPDATED] I noticed over at Waving or Drowning, that the petition has been extended. Please go sign!

[ORIGINAL] I love football, and there are few things higher on my anticipation list that next month’s World Cup. But this sickens me.

From June 9 – July 9, 2006, 12 German cities will host the World Cup Games. Approximately 3 million football fans – mostly men – will attend. It is estimated that 40,000 women will be “imported” from Central and Eastern Europe into Germany to “sexually service” the men. (link)

Imported” is a euphemism for “enslaved.” The petition closes tomorrow, so go sign it today.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

ht: Jon @ Blog One Another